Introduction (History)

Projacs International is an Egis company; since its foundation in 1984, Projacs has gained a reputation for providing high-level professional management and consulting services that have spread throughout the Middle East, Northern Africa, Europe and North America, evolving from a consortium of locally operated partnerships to an international corporation of the highest caliber.

The merge of Egis and Projacs International allows Projacs, as a regional player, to explore new segments of construction & to expand outside the Middle East and North Africa, giving Egis the opportunity to boost its presence in the Middle East.

In today's confused and challenging global economy, every company is looking to stay ahead of the curve, and the competition is hard. In the Middle East, the construction industry is the second-largest production activity for the economy after oil.

Projacs has witnessed an increasing demand for project management over the course of the past decade. It recognizes the importance of empowerment of new technologies and techniques in the industry (such as BIM) and are hence striving, along with other colleagues and governmental agencies, on implementing them.

Since 1984 Projacs introduced the Projacs Academy to further support the construction industry’s awareness of Project Management. Projacs Academy provides international certified training courses in the field of Project Management, Construction, leadership and Management.