Facility Management


Projacs provides wide spectrum of services throughout the facility life cycle starting from the concept phase through the design phase and continue to the operation phase. 
Our spectrum of services adds values to the facility by ensuring the following:

  • Providing relevant experience and knowledge in operational design review process.
  • Contribute effectively and efficiently to the operation phase.
  • Define service cost models and budget.
  • Develop policies, practices and procedures
  • Create operational plan, strategies & specifications
  • Set performance standards through measurable SLA’s & KPI’s

It is our intention to reach optimum operation level for the facility. This can be achieved by defining the following objectives:

  • Provide measurable parameters for efficient and effective services
  • Meet the Client and end users expectations
  • Reduce cost and operation expenses
  • Provide pool of expertise and specialist
  • Enhance Quality
  • Ensure meeting Health, Safety & Environmental standards