Facility Management


MOI–Civil Defence HQ, Traffic Patrol HQ & Police Training Institute - Qatar

  • The 3 separate developments include the Qatar Government’s Civil Defence Headquarters complex, the Traffic Patrol department’s headquarters and the Police Training Institute. The police Training Institute are comprised of 27 buildings on a 10 hectare site. The campus buildings include classrooms, language laboratories, a sports complex, armory, a canteen, residential accommodation for police cadets as well as buildings that house administrative functions and a women’s police training facility.
  • The Civil Defence HQ is comprised of a 5 storey office and administration building, a club house containing and auditorium and recreational facilities and a cafeteria. Additional facilities in the complex include a main fire station and accommodation for on duty firemen.
  • The Traffic Patrol HQ is comprised of 3 levels. Basement parking for cars, ground level areas for public visitors and the 1st floor for administration. There are other building for traffic violations and investigations.

Projacs provides the following consultancy services:

  • Preparation of RFP documents for FM Services
  • Preparation of Pre-Qualification Documents
  • Management of Tender Process
  • Preparation of the Preliminary Operation Budget
  • Preparation of the Facility Management Plans