Portfolio Management

The Portfolio Management module is a centralized hub for all information related to Projects, Programs and Portfolios. The module allows easy access and retrieval alongside monitoring progress through instantaneous Graphs and advanced charts.


The tender module is an essential tool for bid and tender management. The module allows users to gather all tenders for a certain project or contract, set evaluation criteria, query proposals from bidders, evaluate the bidders, and decide the successful proposal.

Contracts & Financial

The Contracts & Financial module allows storing, retrieving and control data related to contracts (packages) for a certain project such as meetings, SWIs, claims, and variation orders(change orders). The module provides up-to-date status information related to values and work done.

This module also allows users to create and store financial contract information such as insurances, payment certificates, and variation orders.


The Documents module is the heart of the system and where users spend most of their time. It’s a centralized hub to create, store and retrieve all types of documents related to contracts.

• Submittals

• Requests for Information

• Non-Conformance

• Site Inspection Requests

• Correspondences

• External Documents

The Documents module is also supplemented with an automated structured workflow setup which allows predefined distribution of tasks among users involving in working on a certain document (Action, Information and Comments).


The Risk module acts as a decision-support tool which allows key project personnel to identify risks in certain projects and/or contracts, assess these risks based on likelihood and impact, and provide a response strategy to handle these risks.

The risk module also incorporates a glossary which shows the project manager all documents and entries across the system related to a certain risk.

One of the module’s unique features is “risk planning and control” which allows creating risk committees, dividing response tasks among stakeholders, and adding a comprehensive risk management plan.


The Time module is where the project and contract progress indicators are set. These indicators are:

• Work Breakdown Structure (WBS)

• S-Curves (Work Done, Values, Man Hours, Targets, Etc.)

• Photo Albums

The module allows users to enter progress information (S-Curve) values as soon they happen, this reflects on Contract, Project, Program and Portfolio in an instant manner.


All modules in the system are supplemented with a set of reports that users could generate at any time (Such as logs and charts). These reports are generated with up-to-date data and could be exported in Excel or PDF formats.

The system also allows creation of bespoke reports that could be customized to meet the needs for a certain project and contract.


All documents generated from the system (such as Payment Certificates, Invoices, letters and Submittals) are created based on forms created based on predefined parameters.

The system incorporates a dedicated form creator which allows tailoring forms according to the needs for a client, project or contract.