Housing Bank of Trade and Finance ,Amman, Jordan

Housing Bank for Trade and Finance wishes to build its new Headquarters building on an owned prime site of around 12,723 m2 in the Shmesani area of Amman, capital city of Jordan. The finalized design of this project reflects a new facility that:

  • Establishes a new business culture
  • Creates ease in doing business
  • Provides a new business and civic environment
  • Projects an image that speaks the banks values

The Project has a total area of around 78,737.61 m2 of which nearly 40,753.86 m2 is above grade. The structure consists of 7 floors above ground, 1 floor sub-ground for Bank's services and 3 Parking Basement Floors. The super structure shall be mainly built with structural steel, while the sub-structure portion shall be built using reinforced concrete members