Offices Building for Ministry of Interior in Abu Dhabi (EREC building no 44)

Country :
Client Name :
Emirates Real Estate Corporation
Type :
Scope :
Project & Construction Management
Location :
Abu Dhabi
Completion Date :
Construction Value(US$) :

EREC, Emirates Real Estate Corporation, is a national organization operating in the UAE real estate sector. Established in 2000, EREC is responsible for the design and construction of properties for governmental entities: from ministries to local and federal authorities, both in UAE and abroad. It also provides the property maintenance services to all the tenants.

EREC building no 44 will house Ministry of Interior in Abu Dhabi, providing larger and modernized space for the employees. It will enhance the governmental and customer services for its clients and in line with country’s vision and mission.

Projacs has been contracted to provide the below tasks:

  • Pre-construction (pre-design phase)
  • Agreements / contracts: to develop agreements and contracts for required consultants
  • Project Baselines: To confirm the project in terms of design, construction, financing and schedule
  • Pre-construction services (design phase)
  • Cost Control: to implement an integrated cost control system to document the overall construction program and to be of sufficient detail to record the history of each line item on the project
  • Schedule Control: to implement a schedule control system to track the progress of the works
  • Quality Control: to provide through an effective management plan, the highest quality and functional facilities for Client
  • Progress Meetings: to be the focal point for information involving members of the design team, the project management consultant staff and representatives from Client, to identify problems and investigate solutions in a timely manner
  • UAE Authorities Regulations: to monitor/maintain the design for compliance with the United Arab Emirates Authorities' requirements
  • Value Engineering: to evaluate throughout the design process approaches, that increase the efficiency which result from alternate materials, systems or methods of construction
  • Constructability: to complete a comprehensive review of plans and specifications throughout the design to evaluate the impact, each building components has, on the overall schedule and budgets for the project
  • Construction logistics/strategy: to develop the appropriate construction strategy taking into account the relationships between various building components, installations methods, procedures, and appropriate timing required to install each component
  • Contractor Pre-qualifications: to qualify and select contractors and subcontractors to accomplish the scope of work for the project
  • Bidding and tender analysis and recommendation: to determine a bid strategy to meet the Master Schedule requirements, assist in structuring bid packages and specifications conforming to the strategy that are clear, concise, and are easily interpreted by contractors and suppliers. Also, to perform a technical and commercial analysis for all Tender/bids
  • Contracts / agreements: to develop agreements and contracts for contractors, subcontractors and material suppliers for the project
  • Design Progress Reports: to provide design progress reports on a regular basis to Client for monitoring the progress of the design
  • Construction phase services
  • Progress meetings: to provide the forum for contractors, design firms, contractors and subcontractors to meet and discuss job progress, present ideas, discuss problems and solutions and to effect changes in a timely manner
  • Safety program: to see that the Contractor will implement an appropriate safety program throughout the construction process for contractors, subcontractors and material suppliers
  • Pre-construction meetings: to hold pre-construction meetings with the successful contractors, members from the design firm, Client and PM
  • Contract administration: to monitor and assure that the Contractor is coordinating the activities of all construction materials and equipment, contractors and subcontractors
  • Permits/licenses: to ensure permits and licenses, as required for the project, are obtained in a timely manner and maintained throughout the duration
  • Bonding/insurance: to ensure that the total program for construction is bonded and that the contractor carries adequate insurance to cover its personnel, building, client. .. etc.
  • Document control: to maintain throughout construction a current set documentation, including construction documents and subsequent addenda, in addition to tracking submittals, requests for information and Change Order information and pricing
  • Scheduling: to confirm with the successful contractor that the construction schedule is planned and implemented as per the Master Schedule
  • Cost control: to enhance and maintain the project accounting as developed during the design phase under cost control
  • Changes: to institute a change management program for the successful coordination and delivery of construction changes
  • Payments: to review and certify monthly invoices submitted by all concerned parties
  • Close out: to finish the project as strongly as it starts with the confidence that all systems have been checked out and are proven to operate effectively and as designed
  • Project records: to maintain onsite all design, construction records, and data for the project
  • Reporting: to provide Client periodic reports illustrating the complete status, and overall status of the entire program
  • Punch list: to confirm that the Contractor corrects any items, which have not been completed in accordance with the contract documents
  • Certificate of Occupancy: to understand and fulfil all the necessary regulatory requirements to obtain a Certificate of occupancy and adequate time for smooth and orderly owner occupancy
  •  Warranty: to identify and collect all warranties and guarantees required by the contract documents, and to develop procedures for inspection and correction of warranty problems
  •  Operation and maintenance: to deliver all necessary documentation and training to provide a smooth transition for the Client staff
  •  Final accounting: to provide a final accounting of the project funds