Design and Supervision of the Structural Systems Laboratory (SSL)

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The Hashemite University
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Scope :
Design and Supervision
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The project is the comprehensive design and supervision of the works of the turnkey Structural Systems Laboratory project at the Hashemite University (HU) campus, Zarqa, Jordan.

The Hashemite University wants the new laboratory to be a globally recognized state-of-art structural engineering laboratory to test large to full-scale structural systems under static and dynamic loading conditions. Thus, the laboratory will be a major addition to the growing HU academic and research status that distinguishes its campus worldwide.

The design of the SSL building includes the following: main laboratory building (approximately 1250 m2) comprising a testing area, mezzanine floor, workshops area, environmental chamber, overhead crane systems, HVAC, offices, meeting room, seminar room, break room, lavatories, and internal and external storage areas. SSL is to be equipped with a strong floor, L-shaped reaction wall, and numerous heavy-duty electromechanical systems and instruments.

Projacs’ was tasked to:

  • Performance of topography and site survey and soil test
  • The comprehensive design of the building, strong floor and reaction wall
  • The design of the electromechanical systems and instruments necessary for performing the tests
  • Issue priced and unpriced bill of quantities (BOQs
  • Issue detailed design
  • Provide detailed specifications list
  • Provide detailed construction and logistics schedule using Primavera or MS Projects software (hard copy and soft copy)
  • Prepare of the EPC call for tender and tender documents
  • Supervise of the construction, procurement and commissioning of the works as stated by FIDIC
  • Oversee all aspects of the turnkey contractor’s works and implements a Project Performance Monitoring System (PPMS) to evaluate the effectiveness of the project
  • Complete all necessary works in close consultation with HU representatives
  • Prepare necessary project consultancy plans
  • Prepare progress reports, and generate bi-weekly and monthly reports of the activities of the Contractor
  • Responsible for payment certificates
  • Responsible for provisional and final take over certificates
  • Responsible for claims evaluation reports
  • Responsible for project final report and any other project management documents as required in accordance with good practice
  • Report to HU on deviations of work
  • Responsible for endorsement or rejection of installed works and testing
  • Assist in the fulfillment of the Environmental Management Plan (EMP)
  • Responsible for developing and implementing institutional capacity development plans. Capacity development activities covered technical, financial and economic, policy and regulatory, project development and financing, social safeguards, environmental management, climate change mitigation, project management, and operation and maintenance, among other topics
  • Training of graduate and undergraduate students during the design phase (2 students) and supervision phase (5 students).