Barwa Commercial Avenue

Country :
Client Name :
Barwa Real Estate Co.
Type :
Commercial Development
Scope :
Project Management
Location :
Abu Hamour, Qatar
Completion Date :
Construction Value(US$) :

The works comprised five building of modular construction over a distance of approximately 8.6 km including associated external underground utilities and infrastructure. The buildings include residential and office floors and retail / commercials, in ground and mezzanine floors.

The infrastructure and the underground utility systems include roads to the public roads including associated earthworks, the necessary road signage, landscaping works, mechanical and electrical underground services and, street lighting for all these Infrastructure Works and the underground utility systems. 

Scope of works:

Projacs provided the following services:

  1. General performance – served as an advisor to Barwa as well as a construction manager and project manager in connection with the Project and all services provided by all Project participants on the Project. In general the role was to manage, review and monitor the performance of all of the Project participants under their respective contracts.
  2. General requirements and systems and procedures development phase – provided initial strategy and planning services associated with the Project.
  3. Design phase – carried out design review during the different design stages by design consultants including concept design, schematic design, Preliminary Design, detail design and construction documents by the Prime Design Consultant, preparation of tender document for the procurement and award of the construction contracts to the selected and winning bidders.
  4. Construction phase including management of project time schedule, project budget and control the quality of the project work scope. Assist Barwa in Handing over the project and the premises to BARWA in-house Maintenance and Operation subsidiary WASEEF.
  5. Project auditing – assisted Barwa in connection with the analysis of billings for all design, construction and other Project agreements. Monitored all costs incurred on the Project in relation to the terms and provisions of the design, construction, or other agreements in order to maintain effective Project cost control.
  6. Commissioning phase – all necessary actions to endure that the Project can be closed out to the satisfaction of Barwa