Prime Lands Tower

Country :
Client Name :
Prime Lands Real Estate Development
Type :
Commercial Development
Scope :
Cost Consultancy
Location :
Doha, Qatar
Completion Date :
Construction Value(US$) :

The property is a mid-rise office building located in a busy area of Doha. It includes 6 underground car parking levels, mezzanine floor and 10 floors of efficient office space.

Scope of work:

Projacs provided following tasks:

  1. Prepare a disbursement curve track the monthly disbursements, comment on the progress
  2. Evaluate the construction progress based on the conditions on site, assessment of any materials on/off site and review/certify payment requisitions
  3. Advice on any matters that would affect timely completion of the project, such as: financial, mechanics, work stoppage, weather conditions etc.
  4. Prepare and submit monthly report
  5. Prepare Variation Price Requests and Variation Orders
  6. Attend site meetings
  7. Carry out valuation of claims for delays, extensions of time and monitoring of programme
  8. Provide Variation Order registers
  9. Advise all steps necessary to maintain satisfactory progress in the construction of the Works
  10. Monitor progress of the works, and regularly review and update the construction program identify potential and actual reasons of delay and take appropriate action to avoid or mitigate delays without extra cost
  11. Identify and recommend the potential time savings and acceleration strategies for the works