Establish and Operate the Project Management Office (PMO) in Al Taif Municipality

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Al Taif Municipality
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Corporate & Institutional
Scope :
Project Management Office
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Al Taif (Ta’af) is the 5th largest city in Mecca Province of Saudi Arabia. The Municipality faces a number of challenges in providing its various services and in executing the projects.

The proposal was made to establish project management office that will provide the necessary service and exchange of the expertise to train Municipality’s employees.

The office will develop the procedures to efficiently supervise the projects under the authority of Al Taif Municipality, as well as key performance indicators to measure the projects performance in line with the international standards, tools, techniques, and skills in project management.

Projacs will establish and operate project management office within the municipality, in particular the tasks will include:

  • Assessment of requirement of Al Taif Municipality and the affiliated Municipalities
  • Methodology of work to develop the project management office
  • Analysis of different projects within Northern Borders Municipality and its affiliated Municipalities
  • Study and assessment of the current project management methodologies used in Al Taif Municipality
  • Implementation of the project management methodologies developed by the NPMO and selection of a framework including policies, procedures, tools, techniques, templates, auxiliary software in line with the international standards and best practices in project management
  • Preparation of the project management plans for the new projects including the study of the project management process groups and project management knowledge areas to cover time management, cost management, quality management, HR management, communications management, risk management, procurement management and stakeholders management
  • Development of the risk register for the projects to study the risks affecting the projects and how to mitigate them
  • Analysis of the process performance for the current and new projects to monitor their compliance with the present project management plan
  • Analysis of the variances, if any, in addition to development of the revised project management plans in order to achieve the project objectives
  • Management of the change orders / claims submitted by the contractors / consultants
  • Monitoring of the audits the operations / processes within the PMO Departments to obtain and maintain ISO Certification; also, to monitoring and audit of the project management processes within each project
  • Evaluation of the expertise and skills of the employees of Northern Borders Municipality and its affiliated Municipalities
  • Training for the employees of Al Taif Municipality and the affiliated Municipalities
  • Handing over the project management office to Al Taif Municipality.